Community Service / Volunteerism

Community service and volunteerism are a mission of AARP.

"To serve, not to be served" is our motto.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) was founded in 1958 by Dr. Ethel Percy who believed, "The challenge to live up to our better selves, to believe well of our fellow men and perhaps by doing so to help CREATE THE GOOD. To experiment, to explore, to change, and to grow is important." was her motto.

It is in her honor that there is now an Andrus Award given annually to a person in every state of the Union to recognize outstanding volunteers and members who are making a powerful difference in their communities in was that support AARP's mission, vision, and commitment to community service, and who serve as inspiration to others. This prestigious award was created in 2002, and was presented to Gardner's own Tanya Barnett on November 12, 2010, at the Colonial Hotel by a delegation from the state office in Boston. The winners exemplify AARP's commitment to volunteer service.

Gardner members have been honored with Community Service Awards for donating hours of time to others in our community. Recent awardees are:

2010 Arthur Young
2011 Sid and Diana Olivari
2012 Pauline Doiron
2013 Impi Sylvester
2014 Elaine Rodecki
2015 Toni Dahir

There are many opportunities in Gardner to volunteer for worthy causes. Among those are:

--AARP: Committees, tax service, driver safety

--Brookhaven Hospice: 508-820-4800,

--CAC (Community Action Committee): Telephone 978-632-8700,

--Council on Aging: 978-632-2839,

--Heywood Hospital: 978-630-6572

--House of Peace and Education: 978-630-4752,